Monday, December 29, 2014

Whipped Body Butters, no melting.

Here are three great body butters that whipped up fast and easy, with no melting required. 

Coconut oil and lanolin oil 
Ivory whipped Shea butter and olive oil
Cupuacu butter and almond oil

One of the greatest things about whipped body butter is that it is lump free. That's right. You don't have to sit there and proceed to soften the butter in order to get to the smoothing and spreading process. Plus the other advantage is that you see putting a little bit of another oil helps to gently change the consistency of the butter. 

Having said that, coconut oil really is a quality base when blending butters because of its flexibility.  I've never had to use beeswax in butter because the butter stands up well, keeps form and smooth texture.
In this most recent blend I've used a spoon of lanolin. I thought this oil greatly assisted spreadability. I've blended coconut oil with cocoa butter and it makes a stiff butter. Plus you have to melt the cocoa butter. I Will try using less next time. Either way it feels like a cream for a range of skin types but mostly normal to dry. I scented it with geranium and grapefruit essential oil from doTERRA. Helps to calm, balance hormones and eliminate cellulite. I am a believer of grapefruit being a tool for weight loss. Apparently the Slim and Sassy blend agrees with us, as it can be found formulated in that blend. 

Ivory whipped Shea with olive oil was a very rich and thick creation. I see it as a night cream or one for very dry skin, or even as just a foot cream. Actually I stuck my fingers in the mixture and I love it. Maybe it's not as thick as I remember. As it warms it sinks right into my skin.  Anyway I put several essential oils in: cassia, balance, holiday joy and though I think that's it, there could be something missing from this list ...

As far as just simply amazing is  concerned, the rich, creamy and smooth cupuacu butter mixed with almond oil seems to be hands down the best blend that doesn't involve melting. I'm thoroughly impressed with what I was able to turn out.

My mom, nieces and sisters all received a basket for Christmas with tea and butter. So far my mom reports that it's some of the best butter she has ever tried, because it goes in.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Of Food and Feelings on a Next Level Basis.

As we explore in more depth the annamayakosha, we begin to recognize the sensation of hunger and thirst striking more meaning in this dense, tissue-ridden body of experiences. The annamaya contains way more than just food and water, tissues and blood and organs. It contains an entire system of the way the body processes that edible information. What are you telling your body as you choose to down that cheesecake? What does your body say back to you as it translates the cheesecake's message? How does the body disseminate that information? It sounds funny when it is said in this manner, but when it really starts to count, is how the message plays out over time.

Here are a few ways to think more deeply about the annamayakosha and how food informs us of our current state. How many times in the past month have you thought of meditating on that sandwich and bag of potato chips you ate, that you felt "badly" about for the past month?

  • sthula (Physical) — In which taste and weight of food is realized.
  • sukshma (Subtle) — In which properties and impact of food are felt.
  • kaaran (Causal) — In which samskaras of food are preserved. Roots of many physical deformities lie in annamaya kosha.
Sthula is the physical sensation of eating the food: the smell, the taste, the mouth feel, the sensual experience of eating the food. How empty you are before, and how satisfied you are after, is the sthula.

Sukshma (subtle) How filling is it? Was it what my heart desired? Was it everything I hoped it would be? Did it do the job? Did it satisfy all of the emotional lacking that I was going through? Did it ring true to what life has taught me about eating this? How is my pocketbook affected? how is my internal environment affected? How is my external environment affected? What will my friends think about what I just ate? How did it impact my family and friends' and society's view of me? How did eating this affect the society at large? Is it GMO? Organic? Free range? Right for my body and blood type or diet regimen? Did it make me fatter or skinnier? Who's watching? Did I eat the right thing for them so that they will either be proud of me or learn from me? Did their decisions on who I am impact my plate?

Kaaran (causal) Am I really making this choice to eat this or is this the choice of my friends/family/environment/generation/genetics? How am I traumatized or triggered by my food choices? What damage has my food already played a part in creating for me? What part can I play in destroying all the reasons why the food is or is not part of my waking reality?

More on this later. Please send me your thoughts and impressions when you are ready to digest this material, pun intended, and we can dialogue about how this relates to your innermost needs and how food can play a role in creating more stagnation or more freedom.


Monday, October 6, 2014

So your soul walks into this contract...

...and doesn't bother to let on that it has a plan, until you decide to answer the small, nagging itch, the gentle whisper urging you to listen, the increasingly turbulent winds pushing you closer to your goal. 

So what is it when a person feels out of place, or that very strange events are happening around every choice they make? What about those moments when one realizes that a way of living takes precedence over all else, and suddenly takes over? What noise can't be dulled? What thoughts won't die, and become an indelible part of the psyche? Or how about when there is this dream that frequently recurs, even though other choices have been its exact opposite?

The soul makes this agreement before earth school begins. It wants you to remember who you are. It tries to hint at who you are, your whole life, until you listen. Some say it is God's plan. Some say it is Divine design. Caroline Myss coins it a sacred contract. Some call it the infinite abundance of the Universe. Access Consciousness method simply calls it, choice. 

When we come to this moment of realization that the very thing we are is the thing we always have been, and that there is no progress without struggle, we then understand what we have been, and were always, meant to be.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stay in Your Lane.

I was sitting here, reflecting on my week of healthy living, and I can tell you of all my joys and miseries of the week, as this was a full one. One of the lessons I gleaned from being so aware in the last few days, was about how essential oils build the metabolic fuel, how invaluable citrus oils seem to be in my life, how program consistency always improves my game, supplements help to also enhance my performance, my body's natural potential for excellence, and how doing what comes intuitively, is still working for me. 
Sometimes asking too many questions drives me into a flurry of other people's way of doing things, which isn't always best for me. So I have to listen to the voices inside my head, and if they tell me to listen to someone else, I will. That still, small inner voice says and holds all keys to my success in this world.

So should I go out and do what others are doing? Should I pick up the latest fad? Am I doing what works for me? Then I should stick to that.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oils in the kitchen.

It goes without saying that oils can be of amazing, flavorful use to a cook, and some cooks will definitely tap into the power of the herb. Knowing that a drop of essential oil enhances the flavor and healing potential of the dish is empowering. DoTerra makes sure that their oils are certified pure and therapeutic, which means they are clean enough to eat. This is the reason Dr. Hill has developed oil supplements to assist in the deeper transport of plant phytochemicals that support cellular processes. Yes again, doterra leads the way.

Back to food. Check out the oils I use in cooking.

Black pepper
Wild orange

Now just take a moment and imagine the number of dishes you can make and the types of flavors you can get to come alive. This can happen  by just adding a drop as a finishing touch for both flavor and nutrition.

The Summer of Homemade Beauty...

Even though there are some extraordinary, natural, shelf-stable beauty products that are waiting for you to purchase and indulge in, none are as gratifying as the homemade product, the natural poultice or cream, soap or oil, that gets to grace your skin and become one with your reality. This also goes in hand with a wonderful, soothing cup of herbal tea with some luscious benefit that your skin drinks. This has summarized my summer of beauty. I spent a ton of time rubbing my skin with salt and sugar scrubs, playing in my essential oils, and using fresh ingredients to fragrance or add texture and color.

Oils: I made an herbal oil with lavender, chamomile and rosemary, a lemon oil, and an orange oil, steeping the herbs and peels in the oil until the oil picked up its naturally glorious fragrance and color. I have steeped my herbal oil the longest, it being two months at this point. I will squeeze the oil out of the herbs and rub the oils through my hair. I use my lemon oil for the same effect, and the orange. Both citrus oils are great post-workout rubs, as they brighten, refresh and soothe the skin, assuaging sore muscles, empowering them to rise another day. I enjoyed nurturing my oils, looking after them as they sat under the summer sun, basking and collecting sunbeams. When I opened one of the warm oils naturally heated by the sun, I thought about being so amazingly close to the earth in this practice.

I have to say how much I've enjoyed my shelf-stable lemon and orange oils. I used a drop of DoTerra grapefruit essential oil to all of my oils, to keep them fresh. Grapefruit, in larger degree than other citrus selections, is an antibacterial and will act as a preservative in a product.


whipped body butters: Now I've attempted body butters several times, and while the natural quality diminishes some of its shelf life, these formulas are heavenly. I've used my oils as their base, and they have been absolutely amazing, beyond measure. One oil that can be rather costly, that is a celebrated oil for cellulite, coffee oil. I made my own and steeped in that beautiful sun. Thinking of this reminds me that my next adventure in oil steeping may very well be green tea. And then I can make a lemongrass green tea body butter. That sounds like such a perfect idea.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Exactly Do Health Coaches Do??

     I've been asked this question before and I'm posing it now in case there are people in the world who think they don't need a health coach. I'm here to show all people that yes, all of you, everyone, needs a health coach. Health coaches need health coaches! My dog needs a health coach! The president has one....I'm sure.

     I'm one who adds value to every job I choose, because in this I see the ultimate self worth shining forth, and also to add life purpose to my profile and resumes. I see being a health coach as a valuable job, and I think it is important that all people who are here to serve in a variety of services, understand the pathways a health coach can facilitate. It's the latest term for organizing your life and transforming for sustainable, progressive change, kind of like our farmlands, to see results that positively impact future events. In my case I also have the writing, cooking, organizational, fitness and energetic body skills that can assist the goal that might be otherwise hard to pursue. Food is at the heart of all of these goals.

     Have you ever heard the phrase "art imitates life?" The food we choose, the body we have, showing all its structural integrity or lack thereof, and food, with all of its subtleties (and grossnesses, okay not a word, albeit a fun one) has its place in the design of  "integrity imitates integrity" across the board. Am I wrong to say that if the physical body has questionable integrity in certain places of the body, there may be an emotional, mental or spiritual element in question as well? Using this concept is so perfect because of its complexity. We can uncover and discover layers upon layers with this concept, and have so many more levels of satisfaction in our life after digging deep to the roots to heal the whole plant, not just its leaves.

     As a health coach, I start out with the basics. I find out what the client's history is, and what the client wants and needs for that sustainable outcome. Then we begin goal setting (S.M.A.R.T. goals=sound, measureable, attainable, realistic, timely) to make the "Project Transformation" come alive. Then comes the action plan. I teach basic food principles and positive habits like keeping a food journal and reading, keeping up-to-date with the latest findings on nutrition and wellness-related news events. As an intermediate participant, we start talking about the political advocacy behind the food industry Next, I assess and program the schedule to meet the model of the koshas. I give product, exercise and tool recommendations for each: body layer, the energy body, the mind and emotions sheath, intuition and wisdom sheath, and the bliss body. Next, we implement and document progress throughout, finally doing assessments and check-ins, special workshops and additional consultations to keep progress fresh.

    As an added, optional bonus, the intuitive and bliss sheaths must be treated differently, with less exercise and more spiritual tools as the needs arise. So I will lay cards and help guide spiritual focus and wisdom teachings from a variety of traditions, using the tool as a Divine benefit to you, while I facilitate. There are two forms of energy healing I offer, from Huna and Access Bars traditions. We can explore this layer further with a private session.

     So really, everyone could use a health coach. As Certified Health coaches, we take personal stock and investment in your life, and how you want it to look, sound like, taste and feel, and we see you through with each step.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Explore Your Depth.

The yogic model of the koshas, or sheaths of consciousness, are broken into five layers: body, breath, mind/emotions, intuition, Spirit (bliss). 

In the physical layer of the body, there is a ton of information embedded in the tissues, that wreak of your life experiences, thoughts, beliefs and values, in addition to your genetic coding and ancestry. When you are in alignment with your body, you shift on a cellular level in such a deep way, that it begins to rock your experience of yourself.

For example, maybe you begin to have dreams of being a famous warrior, or you imagine yourself in front of the camera as an actress or model. Maybe you begin to change the way you look at food, or begin to help others.

Possibly, you change the status of your relationships or give up a food group or pattern. Case in point: I, for one, became a vegetarian after eating meat since I was born. After 14 years I decided to become pescetarian for a year before returning to meat. Newly omnivorous, I feel I've come "home," full circle, and can see my journey and path of progress, painted clearly and in view. Suddenly I picked up running again. This to me, signals that my cells have become born again, newly realized entities, that are ready to tell a new story.

Would you like to explore you and know yourself to this depth? Contact me for your free 50 minute consultation, and let's get started on a journey that will change the way you think and feel about you...

You gotta find Healthy On your Own Terms.

You can't just tell a person healthy advice and expect to have them understand the scope and focus of such an idea, until they are ready to truly receive it in a deep place within themselves. There is a certain urge, a fire, an almost painful suffering sort of a rush, to want the most success for themselves, and the best and highest good possible for all involved or invoked into the goal.

It's never just you alone, going into your goals. So many other pieces and players are a part of your manifestation that once you begin the process, all these pieces keep coming up that make you want to quit, give up and throw in the towel. Sometimes words can't even describe what the Spirit hopes to assist with.

Remembering that manifestation is an intricate, involved process, is what is mostly required to get you through anything. As you manifest your desires, and the images of all parts come into play, make sure to write them down as if you are investigating something, trying to solve a puzzle, and you begin elaborating more and more on the theme until it becomes a living, breathing entity.

Keeping the message of Nutrition and Balanced Health Simple.

Sometimes I feel health coaches promote the fast food industry more than the actual industry does. I'm throwing myself under a bus as I say this. Just the other day I decided to have, *GASP*, a diet soda, and I posted it onto a popular social media page. Now I was having a little bit of fun, but when I saw that the full blown ad came up with my admission, I realized that, not only did I just give a bit of free advertising to this company, but they didn't have to pay me a commission or royalties, two ideas I definitely need to get in on before I decide to advertise again. Meanwhile, with all our hatred towards these companies who slowly try to denigrate the efforts of the healthy, it cannot be denied that they've perfected their junk food heaven to status updates and hashtags, readying themselves to tell the tale of the bun...hamburger bun, that is. It also can't be overlooked that sometimes it all becomes rather tempting to blow that diet of all its good intentions and send the body into poor quality hell, momentarily. What's a health coach to do?

The goal is to try one's very best to always be promoting the quality and value of foods which contain the most healthful components necessary for the proper care and feeding of the whole person. There must be a better way than just to say, "hey, how many servings of fruit and vegetables have you had today?" Teaching people to eat fruit and vegetables is surely a worthwhile, veritable and necessary function of our job, but it is not by far the only option. The most important element of today's food is, what is your food saying to you?" If you were to ask a room filled with people if they talked to their food today, how many would raise their hands? If they were asked, "Can you feel your food? Hear it? Sense it? Know its origin by feel? Tell if it just came off the truck or had been in the store for weeks? Is being kept alive in a petrie dish? Is the food low on vibrational energy and you can tell when you hold it?"

Even though there is more to the healthy nutrition story, the message is still as simple as it can be: You can tell the difference between foods that are worth eating,  and those that may cost you your  health. Eat what grows from the ground, real food. Thank the Universe for what has been provided to us in abundance, and feel your food...sense it with your five senses. Use your sixth sense and beyond, to find the vibrational quality of your food and ask it if you need it. You may find that sometimes there are food choices you make that your body doesn't need, or can benefit from.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Program Constancy.

I want to take a moment to point out the difference between two very important ideas when approaching a goal. The two ideas are constancy and consistency. The first is dear to my heart because it is the very nature of my name.

a :  steadfastness of mind under duress :  fortitude
b :  fidelityloyalty
:  a state of being constant or unchanging
  1. the constancy of the Earth's rotation
  2. <the mistaken notion that there is constancy in language—words do indeed change their meanings over time>
Now here's what I found on consistency.


  [kuhn-sis-tuhn-see]  Show IPA
noun, plural con·sist·en·cies.
a degree of density, firmness, viscosity, etc.: The liquid has the consistency of cream.
steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.: There is consistency in his pattern ofbehavior.
agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially correspondence or uniformity among the parts of acomplex thing: consistency of colors throughout the house.
the condition of cohering or holding together and retaining form; solidity or firmness.

...get it??

So what it all boils down to, is that the two concepts are slightly different in nature, but intensely similar on theme. The goal is to bring the two of these ideas distinctively into the environment of the goal, and to assure this measure of constancy takes persistence and understanding of what constancy will bring to the goal.

Constancy makes one important consideration that intrigues me when approaching a goal that transforms the very way one chooses to live one's life: adherence under DURESS.

Duress is sometimes the very push button reaction we get to quitting on a goal. Duress can speak to us in funny ways, and we might decide to end a relationship with whatever it is, when it gets too difficult, challenging, suppressive in our eyes, which is related to our point of view. We can change our point of view to meet the next level of requirements related to that goal. We have to. We must practice....otherwise not even consistency can help us do more than maintain the same even level of pressure we've applied to the goal, which obviously won't change it, but keep it exactly the same. This process leads to stagnation, when you jump in the hamster of (no) change. No progress, no duress, no peace...

Another element that constancy brings into the conversation is loyalty. Consistency mentions nothing of loyalty. It merely taps into an even, firm principle applied. Does that mean it, or you, are loyal to your program, job, weight loss goal, just because you keep showing up to the work site or the table? 

Ultimately, your degree of consistency leads to constancy in your goals. So, be consistent AND constant. 

Produce Cravers.

     A very simple concept has infiltrated my life and the way I handle my nutritional day. I take my Juice Plus supplements and I begin to crave more fresh produce.

     Now at first I thought, "how silly is it, that a whole food pill can give you the nutrients of a supplement and the fruits and vegetables included in the supplement, but make you crave more?" Studies have shown that the more of that particular element shows in your cell tissue and bloodstream, the more the body asks for that element, be it a positive or negative additive, sugar for example. But again, a very hard concept to grasp.

     Instead of doubting that it was happening, I instead just began taking my Juice Plus supplements regularly, and I began to notice that, as I was making my cucumber drink, I'd be pulling out vegetables to stirfry and I thought, "Connie, isn't that going to be too much? Will you actually consume both?" Truth is, whether I would or would not, made nearly the difference that just acting on the vegetables did. Now I use my vegetables as my side dishes, instead of one side dish. Wow...while talking about fresh veggies, I got the inkling to slice and cook some carrots cooked in grass fed butter and seasoned with cumin, pepper and fennel for dinner tonight!

     Some people believe in trying to consume all food whole. I agree with this thinking. I also realize that it will not always be the thing we are able to do, to get all nutrition from our food, knowing how much our soil needs. With Juice Plus, I bypass any fears I may have of getting my nutritional needs met, and I commence to partake in a supplement that provides me with so much more.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Essential oils in the weight room.

When I first purchased my kit of oils, I knew that they would be spectacular. However, I wasn't so sure how far it would go. Now that I know how intensely important it is for people to change their medicine cabinets to one filled with essential oils, I will never look back again.

There have been so many uses for these plant oils in my life, that in order for me to afford this habit, I have to find Less ways to use them! That being said, I'm just providing a bit of humor to myself. I'm secretly proud that I can both cook and clean with my oils, in addition to providing health benefits and relief from physical illness and ailments, and no one will question me! So imagine me finding out how to use these oils in the weight room.

I was having a crazy day, and felt a little bit tapped out. I knew that I needed a quick way to restore my senses, as I did not have a chance to shower or do a quick yoga session before heading to the gym to clear myself. I also wanted to do a very tough work out, without getting derailed by my low carbohydrate intake that day. So I applied for drops of an oil blend called Balance to my feet. I placed one on my wellspring of life point, which is right at my third toe, and one on each heel.

I proceeded to do a workout that was at least 2 to 3 times as tough as the Workouts I had completed in the last week. I performed some pretty hard-core intervals, and I was so pleased with my success that I attributed it to the oils. Part of why I get tapped out during the workout is not because of my inability to sustain the work effort, but because of so many energy demands during the day, and I don't get to restore my system properly. With essential oil, I could easily put a few drops of this blend into a spray bottle, and proceed to spritz my entire body with the combination.

Thinking of my oil kit, I have just created the perfect pre-and post gym spritzer! You can start with 8 oz. of a flower water, such as Jasmine or Rose. Purified water will work just as well. Next, place five drops of balance oil into the water. This oil is for grounding and stabilizing the body. You can add more if you would like. Next, add two drops of Elevation oil for upliftment, or maybe try three drops, because it smells great! Next, place a couple of drops of purify blend, Which is antibacterial and antimicrobial, And one of frankincense, clearing your energy field of any draining disturbances, and producing a meditative stillness, in addition to a Myriad host of other benefits.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Living in Serenity While Lavishing in Bulletproof, Primal Luxury.

     The hearth is just a melting pot of pleasurable experiences, that it is very important to make the environment just as inviting as it is comfortable and inviting to be in. That space you call your home is so important that it matters what you make of it, and create from it, much like your own nutritional needs.

    I have been deeply enjoying the simple life by cooking at home and enjoying beef, nutribullet drinks and really, whatever I choose. The biggest problem is knowing what to cook in each stewing pot of goodness in my 3 pot slow cooker set. You see? Breaking my last slow cooker did have a metaphysical reference to the expansion of greatness in the hearth, and maybe the addition of a body with the looking into a larger space, as my heart has been thinking about purchasing a home. I keep in mind that this would not be the time to get involved in an actual purchase, but the investment must be investigated. It seems that everytime I put a request out to the universe, it responds to me in kind.

     Part of my primal luxury is having natural ingredients recreate my beauty cabinet. A few days ago I made lotion bars repurposed from another bar, and tonight, a baking soda paste with Dr. bronner's soap mixed in. Made an excellent facial rub down.

     What really caught my soul was how my beauty and domestic ritual in that moment made me one of the happiest people on the planet.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crazy Venus.

     The Venetian gods have both smiled on and screamed at planet earth. She is currently haywire with these customs of retrograded planets, and this one, Venus, is no exception.

     Venus is in her once every 1.5 yearly retrograde phase, and she means business quite literally when traipsing languidly and luxuriously through Capricorn, one such sign obsessed with image and reputation. Capricorn also stands for entrepreneurial feats of magnificence, and debuts. It has been quite the enlightening year, with its snake-like brother, 2013. 2013 brought out the witches, ghosts, goblins and the skeletons in this girl's closet. And now in the ever-loving year of the horse, Venus comes galloping in on this horse, a time-honored symbol of freedom, to not so much as change the luck of a few, but to at least count your blessings...and value them.

     However you must be warned, that those eager to make big, lavish and luxurious purchases as depicted by the symbol of love and beauty, one must be cautious to hold tight to their pocketbooks, as Venus cares not about ripping your purse and wallet open and throwing money to the wind in a most haphazard way. The good news is, if your chart is not affected so heavily by such matters, then it would quite frankly, matter not...

      And now, a personal soliloquy on that above mentioned problem. I am one such participant of the unlucky realm whose chart is befuddled by such astrological tomfoolery! I am bewitched by five planets in libra, and to top it off, two asteroids whose influence is of a marriage nature. So basically everyone ignores my relationship status, loves me and wants to marry me. Immediately. Lucky for me, this harmonious sign allows me to see the greater nature of each of these cads and sends them away with a loving message that does not crush their very soul...though natal scorpio will do as much, if the suitor creates occasion to strike.

     The suitor must make the terrible mistake of being loud and vengeful. This is a most magnificent breeding ground for Scorpio's ire. Suitor beware.

     Additionally beware the ides of January, as January 14 and 15 is when lovely Venus squares Mars. If I don't speak nor see Michael my love on that day, I will probably be okay...his Venus Virgo would square his Mars Libra in a fiery yet uneventful way, the way earth and air affect each it won't do a thing...

     Now, the real reason I began this post had to do with many people coming to me with questions of their deeper nature, or their partner. This moment lasting from December 21 until January's end on the 31st, is a great reveal of our inner selves and our mirrors showing us who we are and what we value. The capricorn influence brings a gust of earthbound wisdom and practicality to our whims, in the sense that, if you have something to build, and  you stand to make money from doing it, do it now. I'm not saying that the window of opportunity won't pass, but it often does, and it is important to see this distinction, especially in horse year. Even though this would not be an incredible time for purchases and big investments, it's a great time to plan them.

     So let's put these influences together. Who am I? Who do I serve? What do I value? Who do I emulate who is like myself? Who do I favor least and how do I mirror them when it may lead to less self love, momentarily? How do I make the best of these reflections work for me in my life? How much luxury and traveling fun can I afford? How much temptation can I resist? How can I see and feel my Blessings?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aligning Heart with Truth

     In the presence of the Spirit within us and in the Universe, aligning heart with truth becomes a very simple practice in connecting with our Divinity. Whether we embrace the omnipotence of a conscious and ever-loving God, the messianic teachings of Jesus and his compassion, or the embodiment of Spirit within, aligning with a Universal and intergalactic intelligence, as we practice these concepts and speak them into existence in our lives, is an example of truth manifesting. And with this, truth can only be expressed if it comes from the heart.

Looking from the standpoint of the chakras, we search through our mini spindles of energy and we check in to see if all is in alignment with its next. If we are standing firmly rooted in our first chakra, and we feel the waters of living life and receiving love into our 2nd chakra, as we discipline and focus ourselves into our 3rd, we will feel our heart, the 4th chakra, resonate from the solidarity of what came before. If we feel secure, we can feel that joy of expression emanate from our 5th chakra, our truth center, using the vision of our 6th chakra and the vibration of our 7th to disentangle, realign and reintegrate into the world.

     And on a much simpler note, aligning heart to truth is when you believe in something that you also live in, everyday. You practice what you preach. You attend to revisions on the original theme. You pay attention to moments of awakening. You challenge yourself to feel something and share it. You aren't afraid to be wrong and are a willing participant of correction. You are both a student and a teacher of earth school, and it suits you well...because it does.