Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Exactly Do Health Coaches Do??

     I've been asked this question before and I'm posing it now in case there are people in the world who think they don't need a health coach. I'm here to show all people that yes, all of you, everyone, needs a health coach. Health coaches need health coaches! My dog needs a health coach! The president has one....I'm sure.

     I'm one who adds value to every job I choose, because in this I see the ultimate self worth shining forth, and also to add life purpose to my profile and resumes. I see being a health coach as a valuable job, and I think it is important that all people who are here to serve in a variety of services, understand the pathways a health coach can facilitate. It's the latest term for organizing your life and transforming for sustainable, progressive change, kind of like our farmlands, to see results that positively impact future events. In my case I also have the writing, cooking, organizational, fitness and energetic body skills that can assist the goal that might be otherwise hard to pursue. Food is at the heart of all of these goals.

     Have you ever heard the phrase "art imitates life?" The food we choose, the body we have, showing all its structural integrity or lack thereof, and food, with all of its subtleties (and grossnesses, okay not a word, albeit a fun one) has its place in the design of  "integrity imitates integrity" across the board. Am I wrong to say that if the physical body has questionable integrity in certain places of the body, there may be an emotional, mental or spiritual element in question as well? Using this concept is so perfect because of its complexity. We can uncover and discover layers upon layers with this concept, and have so many more levels of satisfaction in our life after digging deep to the roots to heal the whole plant, not just its leaves.

     As a health coach, I start out with the basics. I find out what the client's history is, and what the client wants and needs for that sustainable outcome. Then we begin goal setting (S.M.A.R.T. goals=sound, measureable, attainable, realistic, timely) to make the "Project Transformation" come alive. Then comes the action plan. I teach basic food principles and positive habits like keeping a food journal and reading, keeping up-to-date with the latest findings on nutrition and wellness-related news events. As an intermediate participant, we start talking about the political advocacy behind the food industry Next, I assess and program the schedule to meet the model of the koshas. I give product, exercise and tool recommendations for each: body layer, the energy body, the mind and emotions sheath, intuition and wisdom sheath, and the bliss body. Next, we implement and document progress throughout, finally doing assessments and check-ins, special workshops and additional consultations to keep progress fresh.

    As an added, optional bonus, the intuitive and bliss sheaths must be treated differently, with less exercise and more spiritual tools as the needs arise. So I will lay cards and help guide spiritual focus and wisdom teachings from a variety of traditions, using the tool as a Divine benefit to you, while I facilitate. There are two forms of energy healing I offer, from Huna and Access Bars traditions. We can explore this layer further with a private session.

     So really, everyone could use a health coach. As Certified Health coaches, we take personal stock and investment in your life, and how you want it to look, sound like, taste and feel, and we see you through with each step.

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