Saturday, September 17, 2016

Some days....not all inspiring.

I'm about to tell my truth of truths. Let's see if I can be the most raw and vulnerable me I can be right now. I'm always positive and I feel I'm usually pretty motivational. It's just that there are times when I need to allow myself to be utterly human, and express that. So....

I'm tired. I feel a little run down. My body is sore. I fight to find herbs and foods and massages and exercises and stretches to make myself feel better lately.

My home situation is still in flux. Magically searching for a deposit. Trying to pay off some major bills. I want a new bed. I think I should be smaller, should be richer, should have more than I do today. I should have more discipline over my finances, more control over daily life, more productivity, more efficiency. I should procrastinate less and yet sleep more. I should have my classes planned to a T and yet I do not. 

I'm shoulding on myself.

And then I feel I should be able to run my holistic coaching and energy work alongside all of this. Doesn't everybody? Isn't that what we are all efforting to do? What else is possible?

Then I looked at all the absolutely fantastic elements going on in my life. It's like I hit some major advancements, and then it's on to getting thru the next level, which sometimes shows up as a harder journey. 

All the lessons that I didn't learn come with me. This is where the lesson of money drives thru big time for me, realizing that some things might need to be sacrificed, in order for my money to go to that new place. This same lesson also applies to advancing my body, my living space, and my productivity.

How does it get any better than this?