Thursday, April 7, 2016

On Taking Care of Yourself.

There are so many questions I don't ask people, because of all the judgment they will do to themselves in order to answer. 

My son did that tonight, as we were sitting in ER with a nosebleed and migraine. He hadn't eaten, hadn't drank water, and had pushed it too far in the warm weather of the day. 

I told my son how he didn't need to make himself wrong in order to prove that he was right. He didn't have to prove anything...He didn't have to come to conclusions about himself because something wasn't working for him. He didn't have to make an imaginary universe of wrongs to explain his state. I just told him to make a new choice. Make a new choice. Make a new choice now! Today is good!

5 hours, Two sandwiches, 6 cups of water, 4 vials of blood, 2 excedrins and 2 Motrins later, he decided he didn't need his emotions to create drama to know he was alive. He didn't have to heal anybody. He has permission to heal himself. 

The night ended in a good laugh. 

So...just for fun...if you do one thing today, do it for Kai, and help yourself heal a little more today. Whatever that extra drink of cool water, 20 extra minutes of sleep, another scoop of veggies, 3 more hugs, do it.