Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oils in the kitchen.

It goes without saying that oils can be of amazing, flavorful use to a cook, and some cooks will definitely tap into the power of the herb. Knowing that a drop of essential oil enhances the flavor and healing potential of the dish is empowering. DoTerra makes sure that their oils are certified pure and therapeutic, which means they are clean enough to eat. This is the reason Dr. Hill has developed oil supplements to assist in the deeper transport of plant phytochemicals that support cellular processes. Yes again, doterra leads the way.

Back to food. Check out the oils I use in cooking.

Black pepper
Wild orange

Now just take a moment and imagine the number of dishes you can make and the types of flavors you can get to come alive. This can happen  by just adding a drop as a finishing touch for both flavor and nutrition.

The Summer of Homemade Beauty...

Even though there are some extraordinary, natural, shelf-stable beauty products that are waiting for you to purchase and indulge in, none are as gratifying as the homemade product, the natural poultice or cream, soap or oil, that gets to grace your skin and become one with your reality. This also goes in hand with a wonderful, soothing cup of herbal tea with some luscious benefit that your skin drinks. This has summarized my summer of beauty. I spent a ton of time rubbing my skin with salt and sugar scrubs, playing in my essential oils, and using fresh ingredients to fragrance or add texture and color.

Oils: I made an herbal oil with lavender, chamomile and rosemary, a lemon oil, and an orange oil, steeping the herbs and peels in the oil until the oil picked up its naturally glorious fragrance and color. I have steeped my herbal oil the longest, it being two months at this point. I will squeeze the oil out of the herbs and rub the oils through my hair. I use my lemon oil for the same effect, and the orange. Both citrus oils are great post-workout rubs, as they brighten, refresh and soothe the skin, assuaging sore muscles, empowering them to rise another day. I enjoyed nurturing my oils, looking after them as they sat under the summer sun, basking and collecting sunbeams. When I opened one of the warm oils naturally heated by the sun, I thought about being so amazingly close to the earth in this practice.

I have to say how much I've enjoyed my shelf-stable lemon and orange oils. I used a drop of DoTerra grapefruit essential oil to all of my oils, to keep them fresh. Grapefruit, in larger degree than other citrus selections, is an antibacterial and will act as a preservative in a product.


whipped body butters: Now I've attempted body butters several times, and while the natural quality diminishes some of its shelf life, these formulas are heavenly. I've used my oils as their base, and they have been absolutely amazing, beyond measure. One oil that can be rather costly, that is a celebrated oil for cellulite, coffee oil. I made my own and steeped in that beautiful sun. Thinking of this reminds me that my next adventure in oil steeping may very well be green tea. And then I can make a lemongrass green tea body butter. That sounds like such a perfect idea.