Monday, December 29, 2014

Whipped Body Butters, no melting.

Here are three great body butters that whipped up fast and easy, with no melting required. 

Coconut oil and lanolin oil 
Ivory whipped Shea butter and olive oil
Cupuacu butter and almond oil

One of the greatest things about whipped body butter is that it is lump free. That's right. You don't have to sit there and proceed to soften the butter in order to get to the smoothing and spreading process. Plus the other advantage is that you see putting a little bit of another oil helps to gently change the consistency of the butter. 

Having said that, coconut oil really is a quality base when blending butters because of its flexibility.  I've never had to use beeswax in butter because the butter stands up well, keeps form and smooth texture.
In this most recent blend I've used a spoon of lanolin. I thought this oil greatly assisted spreadability. I've blended coconut oil with cocoa butter and it makes a stiff butter. Plus you have to melt the cocoa butter. I Will try using less next time. Either way it feels like a cream for a range of skin types but mostly normal to dry. I scented it with geranium and grapefruit essential oil from doTERRA. Helps to calm, balance hormones and eliminate cellulite. I am a believer of grapefruit being a tool for weight loss. Apparently the Slim and Sassy blend agrees with us, as it can be found formulated in that blend. 

Ivory whipped Shea with olive oil was a very rich and thick creation. I see it as a night cream or one for very dry skin, or even as just a foot cream. Actually I stuck my fingers in the mixture and I love it. Maybe it's not as thick as I remember. As it warms it sinks right into my skin.  Anyway I put several essential oils in: cassia, balance, holiday joy and though I think that's it, there could be something missing from this list ...

As far as just simply amazing is  concerned, the rich, creamy and smooth cupuacu butter mixed with almond oil seems to be hands down the best blend that doesn't involve melting. I'm thoroughly impressed with what I was able to turn out.

My mom, nieces and sisters all received a basket for Christmas with tea and butter. So far my mom reports that it's some of the best butter she has ever tried, because it goes in.