Monday, October 21, 2013

Reflecting on my year at IIN.

It is truly incredible where I am today, and how my health coaching certification has added to the quality of my life. I've always been an educator at heart, but now the realities of what I stand for and how I think about it, are all coming to the surface. My ability to reach out has expanded past what I had originally thought was possible, and while standing on the rooftop of my new wonderful school with my new wonderful coworker and my new, wonderful kids, I saw a future in teaching holistically, that I've been preaching since I first began this long road some twenty years ago. Bringing in the nutritional element of what I do, is huge to the advancement of the exceptional children I reach.

When I began at IIN in september, I thought I knew it all. I had already been vegetarian for 12 years by that point, and had some serious reservations about expanding past that point nutritionally. I was taking pills left and right. I was overtraining. I was suffering from arrhythmia. I ate too much soy and sugar. Most importantly, I was eating too much in general. By the time December came, I was contemplating whether I needed a complete nutritional change. All the information was beginning to settle in and really affect my choices throughout my entire life.

By the middle of the program it was promised to me that I would be completely confused about what to consume, and with good reason. There were so many ways to alter the course of how the body chooses to accept nutrients, and it's all about a healthy gut, so if the path would show me a healthier gut so be it. The program showed me so much more.

Some of the accomplishments I have acquired are: softer skin, improved concentration, expansion of elements and information I can offer my clients, better hearing, improved immunity, greater awareness, starting my business, began writing my books, continued my card project, built two websites, and learning about how I can improve student focus through nutrition....stepping into the visionary I was meant to be.