Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taking Chances.

As far as we know, we only live this one time in earth school, so we need to play our cards right. The thing is, things can change and as long as we stay consistent, we can most definitely succeed, because we have the plan in mind.
But even as we have a plan, consistency and conservatism with our choices, we also have risks we need to take. This type of momentum and fear that goes into such a choice is sometimes masked by the excitement and joy of a chance taken and a risk that pays off in large increments.

I can remember so many moments where I took a risk and passed the test with flying colors: choosing to marry, pregnancy and the birth of my son, deciding to get a masters in special education, getting on a plane and traveling across the states alone. All of these moments were personal risks and ideas that initially created a fearful response. Though somehow, I can't imagine myself making a different choice.

The entire point of this soliloquy is that sometimes you have to let the cards fall, whether you're putting your heart on the line or your pocketbook...and when you do, and you've prepared yourself for the outcome, be ready for the blessings that follow.