Monday, June 23, 2014

Explore Your Depth.

The yogic model of the koshas, or sheaths of consciousness, are broken into five layers: body, breath, mind/emotions, intuition, Spirit (bliss). 

In the physical layer of the body, there is a ton of information embedded in the tissues, that wreak of your life experiences, thoughts, beliefs and values, in addition to your genetic coding and ancestry. When you are in alignment with your body, you shift on a cellular level in such a deep way, that it begins to rock your experience of yourself.

For example, maybe you begin to have dreams of being a famous warrior, or you imagine yourself in front of the camera as an actress or model. Maybe you begin to change the way you look at food, or begin to help others.

Possibly, you change the status of your relationships or give up a food group or pattern. Case in point: I, for one, became a vegetarian after eating meat since I was born. After 14 years I decided to become pescetarian for a year before returning to meat. Newly omnivorous, I feel I've come "home," full circle, and can see my journey and path of progress, painted clearly and in view. Suddenly I picked up running again. This to me, signals that my cells have become born again, newly realized entities, that are ready to tell a new story.

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