Monday, June 23, 2014

Keeping the message of Nutrition and Balanced Health Simple.

Sometimes I feel health coaches promote the fast food industry more than the actual industry does. I'm throwing myself under a bus as I say this. Just the other day I decided to have, *GASP*, a diet soda, and I posted it onto a popular social media page. Now I was having a little bit of fun, but when I saw that the full blown ad came up with my admission, I realized that, not only did I just give a bit of free advertising to this company, but they didn't have to pay me a commission or royalties, two ideas I definitely need to get in on before I decide to advertise again. Meanwhile, with all our hatred towards these companies who slowly try to denigrate the efforts of the healthy, it cannot be denied that they've perfected their junk food heaven to status updates and hashtags, readying themselves to tell the tale of the bun...hamburger bun, that is. It also can't be overlooked that sometimes it all becomes rather tempting to blow that diet of all its good intentions and send the body into poor quality hell, momentarily. What's a health coach to do?

The goal is to try one's very best to always be promoting the quality and value of foods which contain the most healthful components necessary for the proper care and feeding of the whole person. There must be a better way than just to say, "hey, how many servings of fruit and vegetables have you had today?" Teaching people to eat fruit and vegetables is surely a worthwhile, veritable and necessary function of our job, but it is not by far the only option. The most important element of today's food is, what is your food saying to you?" If you were to ask a room filled with people if they talked to their food today, how many would raise their hands? If they were asked, "Can you feel your food? Hear it? Sense it? Know its origin by feel? Tell if it just came off the truck or had been in the store for weeks? Is being kept alive in a petrie dish? Is the food low on vibrational energy and you can tell when you hold it?"

Even though there is more to the healthy nutrition story, the message is still as simple as it can be: You can tell the difference between foods that are worth eating,  and those that may cost you your  health. Eat what grows from the ground, real food. Thank the Universe for what has been provided to us in abundance, and feel your food...sense it with your five senses. Use your sixth sense and beyond, to find the vibrational quality of your food and ask it if you need it. You may find that sometimes there are food choices you make that your body doesn't need, or can benefit from.

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