Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Essential oils in the weight room.

When I first purchased my kit of oils, I knew that they would be spectacular. However, I wasn't so sure how far it would go. Now that I know how intensely important it is for people to change their medicine cabinets to one filled with essential oils, I will never look back again.

There have been so many uses for these plant oils in my life, that in order for me to afford this habit, I have to find Less ways to use them! That being said, I'm just providing a bit of humor to myself. I'm secretly proud that I can both cook and clean with my oils, in addition to providing health benefits and relief from physical illness and ailments, and no one will question me! So imagine me finding out how to use these oils in the weight room.

I was having a crazy day, and felt a little bit tapped out. I knew that I needed a quick way to restore my senses, as I did not have a chance to shower or do a quick yoga session before heading to the gym to clear myself. I also wanted to do a very tough work out, without getting derailed by my low carbohydrate intake that day. So I applied for drops of an oil blend called Balance to my feet. I placed one on my wellspring of life point, which is right at my third toe, and one on each heel.

I proceeded to do a workout that was at least 2 to 3 times as tough as the Workouts I had completed in the last week. I performed some pretty hard-core intervals, and I was so pleased with my success that I attributed it to the oils. Part of why I get tapped out during the workout is not because of my inability to sustain the work effort, but because of so many energy demands during the day, and I don't get to restore my system properly. With essential oil, I could easily put a few drops of this blend into a spray bottle, and proceed to spritz my entire body with the combination.

Thinking of my oil kit, I have just created the perfect pre-and post gym spritzer! You can start with 8 oz. of a flower water, such as Jasmine or Rose. Purified water will work just as well. Next, place five drops of balance oil into the water. This oil is for grounding and stabilizing the body. You can add more if you would like. Next, add two drops of Elevation oil for upliftment, or maybe try three drops, because it smells great! Next, place a couple of drops of purify blend, Which is antibacterial and antimicrobial, And one of frankincense, clearing your energy field of any draining disturbances, and producing a meditative stillness, in addition to a Myriad host of other benefits.

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