Sunday, March 9, 2014

Living in Serenity While Lavishing in Bulletproof, Primal Luxury.

     The hearth is just a melting pot of pleasurable experiences, that it is very important to make the environment just as inviting as it is comfortable and inviting to be in. That space you call your home is so important that it matters what you make of it, and create from it, much like your own nutritional needs.

    I have been deeply enjoying the simple life by cooking at home and enjoying beef, nutribullet drinks and really, whatever I choose. The biggest problem is knowing what to cook in each stewing pot of goodness in my 3 pot slow cooker set. You see? Breaking my last slow cooker did have a metaphysical reference to the expansion of greatness in the hearth, and maybe the addition of a body with the looking into a larger space, as my heart has been thinking about purchasing a home. I keep in mind that this would not be the time to get involved in an actual purchase, but the investment must be investigated. It seems that everytime I put a request out to the universe, it responds to me in kind.

     Part of my primal luxury is having natural ingredients recreate my beauty cabinet. A few days ago I made lotion bars repurposed from another bar, and tonight, a baking soda paste with Dr. bronner's soap mixed in. Made an excellent facial rub down.

     What really caught my soul was how my beauty and domestic ritual in that moment made me one of the happiest people on the planet.

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