Sunday, June 8, 2014

Produce Cravers.

     A very simple concept has infiltrated my life and the way I handle my nutritional day. I take my Juice Plus supplements and I begin to crave more fresh produce.

     Now at first I thought, "how silly is it, that a whole food pill can give you the nutrients of a supplement and the fruits and vegetables included in the supplement, but make you crave more?" Studies have shown that the more of that particular element shows in your cell tissue and bloodstream, the more the body asks for that element, be it a positive or negative additive, sugar for example. But again, a very hard concept to grasp.

     Instead of doubting that it was happening, I instead just began taking my Juice Plus supplements regularly, and I began to notice that, as I was making my cucumber drink, I'd be pulling out vegetables to stirfry and I thought, "Connie, isn't that going to be too much? Will you actually consume both?" Truth is, whether I would or would not, made nearly the difference that just acting on the vegetables did. Now I use my vegetables as my side dishes, instead of one side dish. Wow...while talking about fresh veggies, I got the inkling to slice and cook some carrots cooked in grass fed butter and seasoned with cumin, pepper and fennel for dinner tonight!

     Some people believe in trying to consume all food whole. I agree with this thinking. I also realize that it will not always be the thing we are able to do, to get all nutrition from our food, knowing how much our soil needs. With Juice Plus, I bypass any fears I may have of getting my nutritional needs met, and I commence to partake in a supplement that provides me with so much more.

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