Monday, October 6, 2014

So your soul walks into this contract...

...and doesn't bother to let on that it has a plan, until you decide to answer the small, nagging itch, the gentle whisper urging you to listen, the increasingly turbulent winds pushing you closer to your goal. 

So what is it when a person feels out of place, or that very strange events are happening around every choice they make? What about those moments when one realizes that a way of living takes precedence over all else, and suddenly takes over? What noise can't be dulled? What thoughts won't die, and become an indelible part of the psyche? Or how about when there is this dream that frequently recurs, even though other choices have been its exact opposite?

The soul makes this agreement before earth school begins. It wants you to remember who you are. It tries to hint at who you are, your whole life, until you listen. Some say it is God's plan. Some say it is Divine design. Caroline Myss coins it a sacred contract. Some call it the infinite abundance of the Universe. Access Consciousness method simply calls it, choice. 

When we come to this moment of realization that the very thing we are is the thing we always have been, and that there is no progress without struggle, we then understand what we have been, and were always, meant to be.

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