Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aligning Heart with Truth

     In the presence of the Spirit within us and in the Universe, aligning heart with truth becomes a very simple practice in connecting with our Divinity. Whether we embrace the omnipotence of a conscious and ever-loving God, the messianic teachings of Jesus and his compassion, or the embodiment of Spirit within, aligning with a Universal and intergalactic intelligence, as we practice these concepts and speak them into existence in our lives, is an example of truth manifesting. And with this, truth can only be expressed if it comes from the heart.

Looking from the standpoint of the chakras, we search through our mini spindles of energy and we check in to see if all is in alignment with its next. If we are standing firmly rooted in our first chakra, and we feel the waters of living life and receiving love into our 2nd chakra, as we discipline and focus ourselves into our 3rd, we will feel our heart, the 4th chakra, resonate from the solidarity of what came before. If we feel secure, we can feel that joy of expression emanate from our 5th chakra, our truth center, using the vision of our 6th chakra and the vibration of our 7th to disentangle, realign and reintegrate into the world.

     And on a much simpler note, aligning heart to truth is when you believe in something that you also live in, everyday. You practice what you preach. You attend to revisions on the original theme. You pay attention to moments of awakening. You challenge yourself to feel something and share it. You aren't afraid to be wrong and are a willing participant of correction. You are both a student and a teacher of earth school, and it suits you well...because it does.



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