Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keto supplements and article

When my clients and students say things like, "you're always on a diet!" They are correct for the most part. Mom taught me I needed a low carb diet when I was 4.
Today, I often research different combinations of food and study their biochemical effects. But to say I stand for any one way of thinking, is a little harder to pin me to. 

One could definitely accuse me of being a bulletproof or paleo mindset these days. I love the idea of fresh, grass fed meats, fish, and veggies. I love butter, cream and berries! The right food for me, finds me! I end up craving it and boom, my stomach and I, are doing it.

However, I also can see how some diets are harder for me to want to stay on, than others. With ketogenic eating, "the idea" of high fats sounds delicious. Moderate proteins don't. So I either have to lower my fats, or lower my proteins. An increase of proteins is a low carb diet in my world. 

I have touched ketosis a number of times though, and it is as fascinating as being in one of those blissful, meditative states. I drink exogenous ketones in this current phase of my experimentation. I also take glutamine and ALA, two supplements that make it to this list below. 


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