Sunday, March 27, 2016

Doing what works for me.

Hi. This is me, me being me. And that's all there is to it. And I thought my hair looked a bit more "normal" than what I see on this picture....but that's okay, because I am simply just doing me, and that has worked for as long as I've been able to create a sound from my mouth.

However, I didn't always know this. It seems that at 43, I am finally taking cues from my own self love that is growing and developing. In fact I could really refer to it more as self-gratitude. Some of the things I've done to make my life better has also made me more grateful for my life. 

For example, I got rid of the idea of having this conventional home. Now I am ready to buy a house, and the most reasonable move for me to make now, is to find something that fits the way my life demands it go. My home needs to have a space for creating, healing, cooking, laughing, loving, and sleeping. It also has to look clean and beautiful while maintaining a sense of space and order. I no longer can see myself living in a space I would choose not to keep free and clear.

Some would say that I didn't make the choice to buy when I "should" have. What I realize now is that I could not have done this any other way but through my own way. It works for me. 

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